Creative Cultures Consulting offers consulting services in business development, brand & communication strategy, sales & marketing development and board work. Preferably in industries linked to design and architecture, but not necessarily – business mechanisms and challenges are often similar in different industries. The focus is on tailor-made development of brand, organization and business opportunities, by including management and organization in a change work with clearly set goals, and where different competencies are linked together. The different services are of course often connected, which is why the assignments can have a broad approach, but could also be more specific.

  • Analysis and business development
    In a rapidly changing market, it is easy to lose the outside-in perspective. Continuous monitoring and analysis of the outside world and market is required in the creation of a business plan and business concept that should work long-term. As important as a clearly defined vision – what we want to do – and identifying resources and assets – what we can do – is what we should do, based on how the outside world affects us. When this trinity interacts, we’ve got a compass and a platform for how the business idea should be taken out strategically, tactically and operationally.

  • Brand and communication
    Strong brands and robust strategies grow out of driving forces, values and company culture. Once the business’ true driving forces and values are identified – and they marry with a strong business idea – then you have a compass, and business benefits arise. The brand might need to be repositioned, launched in new markets or support new products? This requires both an evaluation of the brand’s position and brand platform as well as a plan for how it should be developed and communicated.

  • Sales and marketing
    The importance of controlling and knowing what steps must be taken from product or service development to launch only increases – Time to market. It could be about new products or business areas, or a review of existing product range and sales channels.

  • Management and board work
    With experience from many years of management team work in an international context and as a certified board member, I can join as an advisor for a management team, participate in advisory boards or take board assignments.

  • Design and PR
    With a large network of many adjacent professional competencies both in Sweden and internationally, the offer can also be expanded to complete solutions that include, for example, product design, interior design, communication solutions and PR.


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